An Ode to the Loss of Life

by Malacath

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Recorded in part at Suicide-Commander Studios during the months of September and November of 2013. Mixed and Produced by Lykos November 2013 at Suicide-Commander Studios.

All songs written and performed by Lykos

Thanks to all of you who care more about music than about being "true" and "elite".

An Ode to the Loss of Life, along with EVERY Malacath album, is eternally dedicated to the memory of Vasiliki.

"Death is not the worst of evils"


released November 15, 2013

Lykos - All Instruments, Vocals



all rights reserved


Malacath New Hampshire

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Track Name: ...And My Soul Will Ascend to the Stars Above (Solace III)
... and as those last leaves decay
And the soil turns hard
The familiar sting of winter wind comes
Freezing my skin, but warming my fading soul
And as these flakes of snow fall
That will soon become my tomb
That beautiful cold numbs me
Ending the punishment of feeling

No one will ever read my epitaph
That exists only within my mind
And no tears will ever be shed
To mourn this loss of life
There will stand no monument
That will serve to remember me

I will have no eulogy
And there will be none to weep for me
I will lay there for eternity
And my soul will ascend to the stars above

There will be no effigy
That shall be my legacy
I will die isolated
And become one with the universe
There is no mortal soul
That will ever recall me
I will perish where I am
And become a memory
There will be only one witness
To the end of my suffering
And that is the grey sky
That is above me

And when that snow finally falls upon me
And when that fortress is finally built around me
And when the cold has finally frozen me
And when my wretched soul has finally left me
I will at long last be able to truly be free
And leave behind my flesh and bones
And at long last my curse will be lifted
And I may venture to the stars for the last time

This walk that I take
Down this lonely winter road
Will lead me to my burial grounds
And to the place of my freedom
My chains that bind me to this world will be undone
And I will finally be free
Track Name: A Memory Far Beneath the Tundra
And when the dreadful cold comes
I shall lay there with my eyes closed
As slowly my coffin is built around me
Taking away the last bit of life
Leaving only a memory beneath
Of a tattered and torn soul
Screaming silently
For the end to finally come