from by Malacath



Hollow winds, stimulate dying sin
A universe above, reflecting in lifeless eyes
I am the hope, that kept your spirit whole
The brilliant silver, shining through thundering clouds

What is this fate to which I have been subjected?
Why am I doomed to walk this Earth?
What is my destiny, if I must bear this burden?
Am I just doomed to die?
If all that lays before me, is emptiness of purpose
Why must I be at all?
Do I exist to forge my own destiny
And find my reason to exist?
If I'm my own decider, if that powers mine
Than I will take control.
No longer will I walk, with an empty stare
Blind to what I have just seen
If I must walk alone, and choose my own path
Then I choose to embrace my end

If death awaits me, I'll greet it with open heart
No fear shall fill my mind, I will not hesitate
If there is an angel of death
Then he is truly my keeper
If I am the hope of man
Then I have abandoned you


from Despondence, released October 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Malacath New Hampshire

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