by Malacath

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Recorded, mixed, and hardly produced by Lykos at Suicide-Commander Studios Summer 2015

All music written and performed by Lykos

Thank you to the following people:
Ian and Severin of my band Sassu Wunnu
Grim, Josh, Alex and Mark of Vacant Eyes
Alex Mooney, Dubh-Faol, Morg, and Intoxikatey,
Jeremy, Dan, and Gregg of Hraesvelgr/millions of other bands,
All of Bog of the Infidel
Will, John, Antoine and Wicked Music
My mother, and I guess Chad.

Eternally dedicated to my Father and Vasiliki

"The fates I fathom, yet farther I see:
Of the mighty Gods -- The Engulfing Doom"


released October 9, 2015

Lykos - Instruments, vocals, recording, mixing

Crystal Murrin - Album cover



all rights reserved


Malacath New Hampshire

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Track Name: Torchbearer
Our tower has crumbled
Reduced to dust and dreams
We have been scorched
By bright flames of delusion
They are the corpse
I am the apparition
The lurker beyond the gates

A fading spirit roaming the shores
It is me that calls out from beyond

They were not the bitter cold
Or the tantalizing darkness
They were a tangible mockery
Of this unyielding essence.

Their misconceptions were the siege machines
that tore our barrier apart
And exposed the alien light
In our wake, the pious soil the throne
In the name of artificial evil

Yet Chaos destroys Order, the edge is sharpened
Yet Chaos destroys Order, and cleansing fires rage

From the distance, the lurkers all await
When the time has to, to silence the imposters
I will stand, torch in hand
And light their funeral flame
Track Name: Despondence
Hollow winds, stimulate dying sin
A universe above, reflecting in lifeless eyes
I am the hope, that kept your spirit whole
The brilliant silver, shining through thundering clouds

What is this fate to which I have been subjected?
Why am I doomed to walk this Earth?
What is my destiny, if I must bear this burden?
Am I just doomed to die?
If all that lays before me, is emptiness of purpose
Why must I be at all?
Do I exist to forge my own destiny
And find my reason to exist?
If I'm my own decider, if that powers mine
Than I will take control.
No longer will I walk, with an empty stare
Blind to what I have just seen
If I must walk alone, and choose my own path
Then I choose to embrace my end

If death awaits me, I'll greet it with open heart
No fear shall fill my mind, I will not hesitate
If there is an angel of death
Then he is truly my keeper
If I am the hope of man
Then I have abandoned you
Track Name: A World Not Ready
I've walked the path, the lonely winter road
Through desolate forests and dismal plains
I rode into forgotten lands, and saw the ruins
Crumbling at my feet, no more than a memory

A life spent searching, for a world long gone
A life wasted, for this world long gone

A worn and tired soul, a brittle husk
A fading memory, a world not ready

I've gazed into the stars, and have seent he universe
Yet I still wander, endlessly searching
For that which can't be found, yearning for a taste
Of the old magic, of the true magic

I am not he who shot the albatross
I am not he who has but one eye
I call upon the dead and their ancient wisdom
But it is in vein, this world's not ready

Worship the cult, the legend lives on
If only in faded memories
Remembered by few, from myth to fantasy
Forever the mysticism lives